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Sunday, December 24, 2006

A.P.M.™ Request: #13 Betty Beautiful Boop

Betty Beautiful Boop
Name: Beautiful
topic: travel
feeling: Ecstasy
submitted by JoeN

This one needs an explanation (located after the poem).

Ah. Betty. Bootiful.
Trials and travails
Is she really Ditzy
Or is she simply Dizzy
And awash in ectasy?


Betty "Beautiful" Boop boarded her private jet
She was on her way to a deserted tropical island.
Betty Bootiful was tired of being a sex symbol.

She just wanted to have a life, and be a regular star.
OK, so she made a mistake at nineteen and made 9 porno flicks.
… But since then she'd made 29 other movies, with not a drop of sex in them, except for her now trademarked, "Whoops" as she bent over to pick up something she dropped.

She was on her way to an Island off the coast of Tahati.
Just her, her assistant, and his secretary, and NO press!



Blogger Malissa Suggested...

coolio...good job mark!

Sun Dec 24, 05:01:00 PM EST  

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