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Tuesday, March 15, 2016

The automated poetry machine™

Hi.  Now that PayPal is mainstream ( ha ha...)
Instead of, "inserting a coin into the slot of the APM™", you can just send me something via PayPal.  I will guarantee a response and poem..

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Sunday, September 07, 2008

placefholder for a poem


b52's, music festival, rained out...

Thursday, June 19, 2008

Automatic Poetry Machine: Request # 31

Someone gave me this line. (today) 6-19-08)

its better then it was;not better then it could be.

I gave them the following poem back.


Gettin' better then it was;
It's always time to improve.

Life sucks and then you die
But really, that's just a lie.

We's always waiting for the time.
But time, be drivin' away.

(chorus) its better then it was
not better then it could be.
but smiles are just the key
we do, and then, we be.

They say that talkin's overrated
I'll tell you it's the only way.

Our mind's an amazing tool
Too complex to explain.

(chorus) its better then it was
not better then it could be.
but smiles are just the key
we do, and then, we be.

Without an ear to help you share
cares cause too much sighing.

But if you dare, and open up
your body, responds and 'laxes.

(chorus) its better then it was
not better then it could be.
but smiles are just the key
we do, and then, we be.

It's up to us to intervene
relax and let it be.

'else the grave will come
and there you'll be.

not better then it could be.
no, not better then it will be.

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Friday, August 31, 2007

Haiku -- For Democracy & NANCY & Alberto

Alberto's Gone!

Impeach Cheney

Pelosi Pardons


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Thursday, August 23, 2007

Life will continue, more a 11PM

As Usual:

ART is interrupted by LIFE

No headlines at 11.

Updates whenever.
Sorry for the lack of updating, will continue when life continues...


Monday, July 16, 2007

Housekeeping: Please Read

Hi All.

If you want me to leave a request to write you a PERSONALIZED poem (like for a birthday)
I am going to require an email address so that I can send it back.



Automatic Poem Machine™ request: #30: a Sonnet

Laundry at the Door (A Sonnet)
(written/posted 7/15/07)

(The Original Request Here)

A loud noise, like a boom
Startled me walking to my door
There, on the floor, by my room
Lay the evidence, that I was but a boor.

Clothes cleaned by my girlfriend, a patsy
While I was on a date;
Were returned to me, so ratsy
To show I did not even rate

Sniveling jerk that I was;
I begged for her to wait
Apologizing to her, just 'cause
I knew one day she'd be my mate.

This tale I tell you is true
Otherwise my face would be blue.

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Sunday, June 03, 2007

APM™ request: 28: Poor Maddy.

Automatic Poem Machine™ request: 28
An APM request from malissa

(Original Request HERE)

She was confused, she didn’t know why.
She was sad, cutting out with her guy.
He was easy, all well too a tee,
But he left her, feeling so empty.
And then she was all alone, Poor Maddy.

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Saturday, May 26, 2007

APM™ Request # 29 "it's the little things" Razor

For M. (Little things...Here )

Name: Razor
Topic: Dead Dog
feeling: tears

In Texas, my dog was killed.
My neighbor's fence was down.
And my Razor, we went around.

The officer came with a noose
He showed me the papers
Notarized and signed in triplicate.

My Razor, they put him down
All he ever did was bark at her,
My doggie, he never bit anyone.

We need to call the Mayor.
Why can someone just put him down
without any recourse at all?

Don't dogs and dog owners have rights too?
Why wasn't a hearing held?
Why just a notarized form?

I miss my dog
Small claims court is calling.
fix your fence!

Court calls, Fix your fence.
Give me ca$h for my dead dog.
You run a Brothel from your house?

But just you wait, one day.
Paybacks can be a bitch.
One day, you too, will get yours!

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Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Automatic Poem Machine™ request: 27 :The Muffin

An APM request from "wanderlust":
Name: Lusty
Mood: shitty

Original Request Here

A muffin caused all of the “fun“
Lusty, put up with in the sun.
A shitty pain in her ass
‘caused a big spot of gas
now her work has really begun

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Thursday, May 03, 2007

APM Request # 26: Wedding Limerick

APM™ Request # 26: A Wedding Limerick
(Original request here)
Nannay Says here:

In honor of Limerick Day being on our wedding day, will someone write Nestor and I a limerick? I will post it on here.

And, here it is!

To Nestor and Naynay's big day
When wed for life, are they
I dedicate this verse
Altogether too terse
May 30 years together be Child's Play!

(and remember this comes from someone who Has been with the same girlfriend for 30 years)

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Tuesday, May 01, 2007

APM™ request: 25: The stains of Danger

Automatic Poem Machine™ request: 25 ( lauren
(Original Request here)


Missed this one:
Danger walked out of her bedroom.
Her ears were ringing,
then she realized it was her cell phone.

She answered the call,
and she told the guy
that she couldn't come out to play today
that she was feeling to cumbersome to say

Her call over, she walked back into the room
And jumped back over to the bed.
And then she tore the sheets off of the bed,
And stripped it, so she could wash out the stains.

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Tuesday, March 27, 2007

APM™ Request # 24 ME Sting Sting

Drifting on by Beth's Blog I saw she's going to see THE POLICE.

I'm jealous, and this sort of popped out of my lips/brains as the comment HERE

Pooo Hoo.
Me Sad. Me mad. Me glad.

MeSoSo Sad. Me No have Police Tix.
Me so so Mad. Me No have Police Tix.
Me so so Glad You have Police Tix.

Me So So confused.
Me no no snooze.
Me need Schluffy now.
Me sleepy no no pill.


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Wednesday, March 07, 2007

PORN FREEE: APM request #23

PORN FREEE (APM request #23 )

(Original Request HERE)

Porn Free
we need to free ourselves.

We need to get free-stuff
'cause paying is for chumps.

View free,
Why pay the pros for it?
When lots of girls just show it…

Now see,
I've seen it all now.
Only its faster now, but does that mean its better?

No more.
I've had 'nough bad acting.
I've started to like real plots.

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