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Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Automatic Poem Machine™ Request # 10 12/13/06

Name: Nicole
Topic: School
Mood: Tired

And then there was
S * C * H * O * O * L *

Not too Kool, for it was work
that made Nicole feel bigger.

But work was also where the jerk was.
The jerk that sucked the life blood out of her.
The one that made her limp, and almost lifeless.



Blogger Malissa Suggested...

wow...that one was very, umm, very strong... (i thinks thats the right word)

Wed Dec 13, 07:37:00 PM EST  
Blogger Markbnj Suggested...

Ya think?

Was it the S*C*H*O*O*L part? or the
life blood??

Hey. Creative genius at work...

Sometimes I think I don't even remember writing these... I wonder if I have a split personality (schizophrenia(?) that does this by itself sometimes


Wed Dec 13, 10:12:00 PM EST  

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