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Friday, January 26, 2007

APM™ Request # 20 01/26/07 "Desire"

Automatic Poem Machine™ request # 21
Manual request from Library in MD)
Topic: Theatre
Name: Elizabeth
Feeling: Terrified (almost said Excited!)

Elizabeth ran over to her boyfriend.
Rick, I got the lead, in the local production of "Streetcar"
Let's read it over, so I can study my lines

You'll be Stanley. I'll be Blanche
Oh, and you'll see, he's quite a Hubby!
All I can see is that I whine and whine.

Well it's the theatre, not real life.
So, going crazy is easier there you see.
When I am mad, I can be terrified of being your wife.

But really, the challenge
Is making sure that life
Doesn't imitate art.



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