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Sunday, January 28, 2007

A.P.M.™ Request: #21: Dumber then BUSH ™

Topic: Dumber-than-Bush

(Original Post HERE)

feeling: astonished? crazy?
Name:: Jenna

Oh. You mean someone is actually Stupider then Bush?
Wait. Did someone actually tell him we've lost the war in Iraq?
Oh. This verse's dedicated to Paul W.
The guy who told Bush to swallow Iraq, simply like a piece of cake.

And how does Paul get thanked?
Let me count the ways:
A presidential medal of honor,
An appointment to head the world bank
And time away from the press in Washington.

I say it's time for the congress to formally
Indict Mr. W. for messing up our democracy,
Starting World War III, and
Removing all the freedoms we used to have in this country.

Bush has declared that in 08 he won't run
But will field a new candidate, against Hillary.
He feels that Jenna One, will WIN
After all, she's the ONE that has HIM

Boy, did we say someone ELSE was dumber then Bush?
Or was it just me? Alone in my cyber-hut?

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