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Tuesday, March 27, 2007

APM™ Request # 24 ME Sting Sting

Drifting on by Beth's Blog I saw she's going to see THE POLICE.

I'm jealous, and this sort of popped out of my lips/brains as the comment HERE

Pooo Hoo.
Me Sad. Me mad. Me glad.

MeSoSo Sad. Me No have Police Tix.
Me so so Mad. Me No have Police Tix.
Me so so Glad You have Police Tix.

Me So So confused.
Me no no snooze.
Me need Schluffy now.
Me sleepy no no pill.


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Wednesday, March 07, 2007

PORN FREEE: APM request #23

PORN FREEE (APM request #23 )

(Original Request HERE)

Porn Free
we need to free ourselves.

We need to get free-stuff
'cause paying is for chumps.

View free,
Why pay the pros for it?
When lots of girls just show it…

Now see,
I've seen it all now.
Only its faster now, but does that mean its better?

No more.
I've had 'nough bad acting.
I've started to like real plots.

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