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Sunday, December 24, 2006

Automatic Poem Machine™ # 15 MADNESS is....

MADNESS is....

Outbursts are normal
Sanity is fleeting.

No one left standing.
Desperate self preservation

Survival is difficult
Medications beacon


Automatic Poem Machine™ Request: #14 Beautiful Dreamer.

Automatic Poem Machine™ Request: #14 (13Alternate!)
Name: Beautiful
topic: travel
feeling: Ecstasy
submitted by JoeN

It was a beautiful day, thought Beautiful Dreamer.
It was ironic that her father
had been a fanatical fan of Frank Zappa.
That alone explained almost everything.

She paid her fare, and boarded the atomic ferry
Happy that on today, the longest day of the year,
She would get to go on her first cross-continental trip.

As the ferry took off, her fear, turned to ecstasy
As they went from 1 gee, to 2 gee, and then to no gees
And then landed in Oregon.


A.P.M.™ Request: #13 Betty Beautiful Boop

Betty Beautiful Boop
Name: Beautiful
topic: travel
feeling: Ecstasy
submitted by JoeN

This one needs an explanation (located after the poem).

Ah. Betty. Bootiful.
Trials and travails
Is she really Ditzy
Or is she simply Dizzy
And awash in ectasy?


Betty "Beautiful" Boop boarded her private jet
She was on her way to a deserted tropical island.
Betty Bootiful was tired of being a sex symbol.

She just wanted to have a life, and be a regular star.
OK, so she made a mistake at nineteen and made 9 porno flicks.
… But since then she'd made 29 other movies, with not a drop of sex in them, except for her now trademarked, "Whoops" as she bent over to pick up something she dropped.

She was on her way to an Island off the coast of Tahati.
Just her, her assistant, and his secretary, and NO press!


Monday, December 18, 2006

APM™ Request # XII : Delicious Indian Food

Name: Rajit
Topic: Delicious Indian Food
Mood : nonchalant
Requested by: JMB

Rajit left her office
Located on floor S-29, Section II
And went to the food court
located in prime space on Sub-Level 2

She wandered thru the menus of Italian, Greek, American,
French, and every other variety of food but wondered?

Why wasn't there any Delicious Indian Food here on Moon base Alpha?

So she went to the hyperspace phone booth, and asked her mother and brother to come up to moon base, and open up an Indian restaurant.

After discussing it for 15 minutes, she went back to S-2 and did a pizza with the works to celebrate

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Thursday, December 14, 2006

Automatic Poem Machine™ Request : XI December 14, 2006 : Hungry!

Name: Bill
Topic: Pie
Mood: Hungry:
(submitted by Gary)

Bye Bye Mr. Hungry for Pie.

Bye Bye Mr. Hungry for Pie.
I don't know but I'm asking you Why?.

We have no pizza, and we have no tomatoes
We don't have pickles, and we don't do potatoes.

I see no reason, to keep you satiated
It's much more fun, to see you go and cry.

You keep asking us why don't you have pie?
And then you go and cry and cry?

There is no reason, and there is no rhythm
We have no more parsley, and don't have no darn thyme

Did you know George Will? He wrote us up
And got us to Bill. *

So stop by our takeout , and just take a veggiemite to GO.

Bye Bye Mr. Hungry for Pie.

* (Clinton, #42)


Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Automatic Poem Machine™ Request # 10 12/13/06

Name: Nicole
Topic: School
Mood: Tired

And then there was
S * C * H * O * O * L *

Not too Kool, for it was work
that made Nicole feel bigger.

But work was also where the jerk was.
The jerk that sucked the life blood out of her.
The one that made her limp, and almost lifeless.


Automatic Poem Machine™ request #9 (12/13/06)

Malissa said...
Name: *Liz
Topic: *Testing
Mood: *Extremely scared

Miss Frizz turned in her room and said class;
We've just done a field trip on fusion reactors
We need to test your skills
When Liz starts on the drill
We need to remember
It's a good thing
We're not really actors.


Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Automatic Poem Machine™ request #8 (12/12/06)

Name:*napolian dinamite
Topic: *vote for padro
Mood: *happy

Napolian Dinamite, that's my name
Exploding like Dynamite. That's my game.

I'm here to tell you go out
And cast your vote, for Padro…

He's our man. He can tell what you need
To get out and be glad, that you have your life planned.

Padro. He's the one that will help you be Happy.
He doesn't care what it takes, if it it's WACKY!!!


Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Automatic Poem Machine™ Request # 7: Oh NO!

*name: malissa
*topic: playing football
*mood: in pain

Oh Football time is here
We're almost out of cheer.

We've seen our team go high high low
And now we're in the dumps Oh.

Malissa dear, wish you were here
getting ready for the snow.

Christmas time, is mighty fine,
In the northeast in the cold.


Sunday, December 03, 2006

Automatic Poem Machine™ Request #6: Date


Into the night, we run.
High on air, wondering if we dare
ditch our chaperones.

I'd rate this date as
Except for the chaperones.

Come, answer that phone.
I like that ringtone.
Maybe if we call them, they'll
Play hookey for the rest of our date!


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