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Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Automated Poem Machine™ #5: Water

APM request-- (kevin) Completed.
August (name)
Grocery shopping

August went out.
Her cart was filled
with frozen dinners
Cheetos™ (crispy),
and 10 bottles of Diet Coke™.

Sadly, this was all because of one.
She had just broken up with.

Him. Himself. He sucks.
Why, oh why did I deserve this?

Wait, she thought.
I don't need to do this.
I can skip everything, and
drown my sorrows in bottled water.


Automated Poem Machine™ # 4: Daytime

Name: Zack
Topic: Daytime
Feeling: Happy

Daytime is a special time.
time for Happy faces and play.

Nighttime is not special.
Monsters and bad thoughts
can ruin our sleep.

Happy is playing; with friends, with parents.
Remembering a special moment with our parents.
Seeing them smile at us.

Zack sees all, and knows
Smiling faces all around.


Automated Poem Machine™ #3: Jabbering

APM™ #3 Name: Jabbering 11/25/06

Topic: kids who can't stop talking
Mood: exasperated
Name: Missing input

Infants Cry until satisfied,
then quietly happy.
Teenagers silent,
Puberty through College.

Pre-Teens Jabber, jabber, jabber and gabber
all night till morn,
from dusk until dawn.

Exasperation. Time for silence.
'Nuff the Marm says.
but mommmm!!!!
and she the marm leaves
to lock herself in the closet.


Monday, November 27, 2006

The Poem Machine™:2: A cat's life

A cat's life:
domesticated pet cat
truthful with a bit of jealousy

Automated Poem Machine™ #2: A cat's life

Ah. Sunrise. Time to move to my master's bed and raise them from the dead.
Why do they sleep so sound?
Can't they hear me purring in their ear that I WANT FOOD NOW?!!!

Oh. I have my human so well trained.
They got up to feed me and
went back to sleep!

Now I need to sleep. Under the bed. Away from them.
No, I want to sleep on the couch in the Living Room.

Grrrrrl, don't pet me. I was sleeping.
I'm tired. Go Away

Time to play. Wake up human again, only if sleeping.
If human is in house, run around his feet, and scratch the nearest box.

No. I'm tired. I can't see, and besides, it's all black and white for me.
Need to schluffy now. goodnite, or good naptime.



Sunday, November 26, 2006

A.P.M. (™)# 1

(The Poem Machine™): Garfield Said
Input: Garfield/camping out/happy :7:04AM

Output: 7:22AM (PST)
Garfield Said:

Oh, thank you Thank you
yes, I do, I do thank you.

Camping? Gladly will I go with you.
Sleeping under the trees
atop Odie, as a soft breathing pillow?

I cannot tell a lie.
I ate Odie's ten pound marshmallow

now, I think, I am going to die
Nah, I think I will just sleep
til the 'morrow.

Introducing the A.P.M.(™)

As discussed in my other blog (poem-a-day)

I introduced the new, Automated Poem Machine™.(tm)

You simply insert a token, and receive a poem
We've opened a new store for your convenience.
Just like an Automated Teller Machine,

We've named this our Automated Poem Machine(™).
Won't you put a time token into the slot?
Once we receive your time,
We will ask the machine to generate poetic verse just for you.
The Machine asks you for several inputs, similar to the word game "Mad-Libs", You are asked for:
* A Name
* A topic
* A mood

The only question you are asked after that is
whether we can show your poem to others, or is it an exclusive creation.
Try it.
We have a special introductory offer. No Token required. Just insert information in comments section below.

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