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Sunday, January 28, 2007

APM™ Request # 22 01/29/07 Pregnant Pause

Automatic Poem Machine™ Request # 22 Pregnant Pause.
Name: David
Feeling: excited???
(See HERE for original Story! )

David. Oh David, Yes, Now.
Yes, Copperfield, the Magician.
OH, oh, oh, he's Magic, you know….

In a moment of amazing anticipation,
I was chosen by his assistant, to have his baby.
And onto the stage I went.

And I got a beautiful red rose, and autographed picture
The excitement kept building, as they performed a sonogram on me.
Even before my boyfriend, got that close!

But, Given David, who’s left me already, or
My steady, I think that my steady, will sturdy me
And help me plan our future…..

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A.P.M.™ Request: #21: Dumber then BUSH ™

Topic: Dumber-than-Bush

(Original Post HERE)

feeling: astonished? crazy?
Name:: Jenna

Oh. You mean someone is actually Stupider then Bush?
Wait. Did someone actually tell him we've lost the war in Iraq?
Oh. This verse's dedicated to Paul W.
The guy who told Bush to swallow Iraq, simply like a piece of cake.

And how does Paul get thanked?
Let me count the ways:
A presidential medal of honor,
An appointment to head the world bank
And time away from the press in Washington.

I say it's time for the congress to formally
Indict Mr. W. for messing up our democracy,
Starting World War III, and
Removing all the freedoms we used to have in this country.

Bush has declared that in 08 he won't run
But will field a new candidate, against Hillary.
He feels that Jenna One, will WIN
After all, she's the ONE that has HIM

Boy, did we say someone ELSE was dumber then Bush?
Or was it just me? Alone in my cyber-hut?

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Friday, January 26, 2007

APM™ Request # 20 01/26/07 "Desire"

Automatic Poem Machine™ request # 21
Manual request from Library in MD)
Topic: Theatre
Name: Elizabeth
Feeling: Terrified (almost said Excited!)

Elizabeth ran over to her boyfriend.
Rick, I got the lead, in the local production of "Streetcar"
Let's read it over, so I can study my lines

You'll be Stanley. I'll be Blanche
Oh, and you'll see, he's quite a Hubby!
All I can see is that I whine and whine.

Well it's the theatre, not real life.
So, going crazy is easier there you see.
When I am mad, I can be terrified of being your wife.

But really, the challenge
Is making sure that life
Doesn't imitate art.


Monday, January 22, 2007

APM Request: # 19: Chocolate Strawberry

New APM Request: # 19

Name: wanderlust
Topic: Domestic Bliss
Feeling: Estatic, drizzly, chocolatey

Oh, I've been working in the Kitchen all afternoon
I think I've finally found it, just what I need
It's full of gooey chocolate, inside fresh strawberries

I don't care to share them, but since I love you, I might.
Don’t go telling the kids
Don't want to share the sinful taste

Blissful state of Zen
Don't remember when
I've tasted so estatic.

Come, share this with me.

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Friday, January 19, 2007

APM™ Request # 18: 01/19/07 Teacher Tit's

In Honor of Tits Mcgee in honor of her new job
teeching to our child-run...

Name: Tits
Topic: Teaching
Feeling: Ecstatic

Automatic Poem Machine™ # (18?) Teacher Tits

Teacher McGee will teach math
To the "Youte" of our country.
She will be a beacon of light for her "boys"
Will they work to achieve new heights?

Her career as a housewife draws to a close.
While she gets ready to ta-ta-ta-teach
Tra-tra-Tra-Trig, to the open little minds.
Mind you now, watch your dress, and ensure that nothing shws.

Her students will be tantalized
When they see her slowly walking to the board
And her back, will make the boys all dream
Of fantasies like Mrs. Robinson.

Mark B. 1/19/07

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APM Requests

APM requests..

That's an
Automatic-Poetry-Machine Moment, If I've ever heard one ..

Topic: Dumber-than-Bush
feeling: astonished? crazy?
Name:: Jenna

(from Onyx)

Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Automatic Poem Machine™ Request # 17: Single People

APM Request: # #17
Name: Madge
topic: i hate weddings
feeling: wasteful

Single People
There are two types of single people.
People single by choice, and others.
Sometimes "other" singles are unhappy.

Perhaps having been through a painful experience,
They wish that no one else ever waste their time either.
This, of course leads to "Wedding Unhappiness", or illness

Wedding illness occurs when an unhappy single
Witnesses a wedding close up,
And sometimes gets sick, from imagining the carnage, in advance.

Madge, however is a happy single.
She just thinks Weddings are useless.
Someone will eventually just die, anyway.

Sat Jan 13, 01:31:27 PM EST


Thursday, January 11, 2007

Automatic Poem Machine™ Request # 16: Teenage Angst

Automatic Poem Machine™ Request # 16: Teenage Angst
User Input:
name: malissa
topic: falling in love
feeling: bliss

Automatic Poem Machine™ Output:
Teenage Angst

Tender are the teens
Old enough to love
Yet young enough for innocence.

First loves are always sweet.
Never forceful, always a treat
Anticipating blissful affirmations.

Is it real? Could it last?
One thing's for sure, don't go too fast.
Best friends first, then the die will be cast.

Boy and Girls just like men and women are just opposites
And like magnets, attract tight and fast.
But friends bonding, now that surely will last

Malissa and Ian, could it be a pair?
Time may tell, but friendship is key
What happens between him and thee.


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